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BioLEAGUES is a worldwide events premier forum which promotes research and development. It is a paramount body which has bought revolution in the field of worldwide conferences. The forum has professional wizards and technical leaders who have left no stones unturned to reinforce the field of science and technology.

BioLEAGUES organizes 50+ technical conferences throughout the year and around the globe. The scientific meetings are a chance to fascinate the data and correspondence innovations weaving in the present day.

2016 Conferences will encourage better comprehensions about improvements and progressions over the world through worldwide conferences with the speed of science and technology.

BioLEAGUES conducts worldwide events which helpimproving the learning skillset of the people of various industries and is a common platform for eminent personalities, physicians, researchers, doctors, and academicians, professional’s business figures and many more.

BioLEAGUES is an efficacious association of medicos, professional from allied health science and wizards of life sciences who contribute towards humanity through colloquiums and scientific interactions. BioLEAGUES provides a paramount platform for global interaction and exchange of scientific and oriented ideas which provides sustainable solutions to challenges and disputes towards existence of life, nature and its essence. The organization conducts worldwide conferences related to medical and paramedical sectors with and ant descant to make its scientific meetings a premier forum for business to business interaction. BioLEAGUES with its team of intellectual professional and pioneers of life sciences organizes worldwide events and conference throughout the globe.

Conferences in Dubai are frequentlyorganized by BioLEAGUES to integrate the scientific contribution and research ideas by practitioners and academicians to reinforce imperishable advancements and development of innovations and research in the field of life science.

The organization has scheduled International Conferences in the year 2016-2017.

BioLEAGUES executes the associations and leagues of medicos, practitioners and academicians of different streams of life science like medical surgery, nursing, vaccines, virology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry and many more.

The organization provides membership and in its pioneer associations thatassures welfare of humanity and society. The associations of medicals and paramedical sector governed by BioLEAGUES have provided unprecedented solutions in prosthetics and have ignited a spark of hope for the differently abled.

BioLEAGUES International Conference 2016-2017 is an outstanding scientific event with an outstanding scientific event with an agenda of retaliating challenges for global food security and safety. International Conference in Dubai and other part of the world will also emphasize on animal husbandry and solutions to increase the animal products and dairy productivity with the contribution of veterinary and animal resource developmentprotocols.

BioLEAGUES conducts worldwide events and International Conference on the areas of research associated in medicine and health science like nursing science, cardiology and gastroenterology with emphasize to illuminate the scopes and advancements of clinical treatments and drug analysis. BioLEAGUES hosts several unique grand conferences in Middle East like conferences on Pharmacy, Vaccines, Pharmacology, Nursing, and Cancer Science which has become hubs for research oriented interaction and business to business development.

BioLEAGUES is one of the leading open access publishers which promote and globalize unique innovation of researchers by publishing their scientific articles in the proceedings, journals and transactions of worldwide periodicals.

Consulting of intellect review works into editorial boards BioLEAGUES does peer review of research articles and publisher them in its highly cited publications?

Being specifically oriented with its motto “Integrating Medicos, Incubating Research”, BioLEAGUES with its members from medical, paramedical, allied health science of life science organizes scientific conferences, events and conversion to globalize the innovations of academic and professional with a ‘universal platform of scientific events and publications..


The faculty, post-docs, graduate students, undergraduates, and other researchers that comprise the Medical community at BioLEAGUES are singularly dedicated to the development of ideas, processes, materials, and devices that will improve the lives of people throughout the country. The School of Medicines's many departments, divisions, labs, and research centers collectively generate more than thousands of sponsored research every year and they define the future of science and technology.The scholars of BioLEAGUES-Worldwide are keen at their performance to rebuild a new techno world.We also support our students and scholars to complete their dream research by supporting them both technically and financially.


We offer an extraordinary platform for networking opportunities, discussions to enhance the progress of science, nutrition, health and technology. Our conferences provide opportunity for direct communication between the young researchers and highly affiliated personalities in all fields whether they are working in the similar field or other research activities.


Our events are about you, our clients, so we work for unqualified success and we do that quietly, professionally and impeccably. We’ve built a reputation for creating and delivering inspirational conferences and executing them flawlessly first time round. We work really hard to achieve this and our success is down to the dynamics of a team who are down-to-earth


Bioleagues conferences are covering a broad range of research in the Science, Technology, Medical, Pharma, Clinical and Engineering. Attending a Bioleagues Conferences are immense access to ground-breaking research presentations and discussions, and the informal atmosphere and smaller size of a conferences provides the best break to develop collaborations, get innovative ideas and opportunity for your own work


World Journal of Radiology and Oncology

World Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health

International Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia

World Journal of Nursing Science and Practice



January 23rd-25th, 2017


Vaccine & Virology Summit

January 23rd-25th, 2017


Dentistry 2k17

January 23rd - 25th, 2017


Pharmaceutical Sciences-2017

Jan 30th - Feb 1st, 2017



March 11th-13th, 2017

Hamburg, Germany