Drug Discovery and Pharmacogenetics

drug and pharamagetics

Drug Discovery and development: Drug discovery is the process for identifying new medicines. A wide range of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and pharmacology are involved. In the disciplinary of drugs, biotechnology, and medical specialty, the new candidate medications are discovered by drug discovery process. Verifiable, medications were found through recognizing the dynamic fixing from…

What is Nano Biotechnology?Application of Bionanotechnology


What is Nano Biotechnology? Applications of Bio nanotechnology Bioleagues conduct the Nano biotechnology conference worldwide; this is the best platform for the researcher, students, Professor, to expose their work in front of the experts. Nano Biotechnology 2017 is contained a few tracks intended to offer extensive and fascinating sessions that address current drifting advances in Nano fields. Nano biotechnology assumes…

What is Pediatrics | Difference Between Growth and Development in Pediatrics

What is Pediatrics | Difference Between Growth and Development

What is Pediatric’s | Difference Between Growth and Development inPediatrics PEDIATRICS: Pediatrics is the branch of medicine which deals with the health and medical care of children, infants and adolescents from birth up to the age of eighteen. The word “pediatrics” means “healer of children”. Pediatrics is a relative term in new medical specialty, developing…

Food Processing and Technology

Food processing and technology

Food processing and technology Food Processing and technology is outstanding procedure over the world everybody knows about, driving methods of the food processing. Food processing and technology conference give a magnificent chance to join the hands and share their thoughts, sees towards the nourishment bundling, canning, safeguarding to achieve the desires of each basic man….

What is Nursing and Health care

Nursing and Health Care

What is Nursing  and Healthcare? Nursing is a profession which involves protection, optimization of health and prevention of illness and alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment and advocating people, families, communities about health care. Health care is the maintaining, protecting and improving health through treatment or diagnosis and prevention of disease, illness and…

Gynecology and Obstetrics

This conference in obstetrics gives a brief idea about how essential obstetricians are aka the baby delivers in anyone’s pregnancy

International conference on Gynecology and Obstetrics As said by mothers “life is never so beautiful unless it starts growing inside of you. Gynecology this term means “the science of women”. While obstetricians manage an expecting ladies, the bounce-cell assume it’s worried about the pre-natal strength of baby lastly the post-natal care of the mother to…

Oral Oncology

2nd World Dentistry and Oral Health Summit.

Oral Oncology  Your smile smiles at you if it is healthy. It laughs at you if it is unhealthy. Dental hygiene and Oral wellbeing draw the looks on you. “2nd World Dentistry and Oral Health Summit 2017” provides you sterling worth platform to flourish the wisdom. This international conference includes lectures, presentations of research scholars,…



Nanobiotechnology, bio-nanotechnology, and Nanobiology are terms that refer to the junction of nanotechnology and biology. Nanobiotechnology will be the future with Nanoscience developing nanomaterials and devices. This will leash to further convergence of technology with wide applications. NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY simply applying the applications of nanotechnology in biotechnology is called NBT. Drexler classified cells as nano masterpieces…