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Nanobiotechnology, bio-nanotechnology, and Nanobiology are terms that refer to the junction of nanotechnology and biology. Nanobiotechnology will be the future with Nanoscience developing nanomaterials and devices. This will leash to further convergence of technology with wide applications. NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY simply applying the applications of nanotechnology in biotechnology is called NBT. Drexler classified cells as nano masterpieces and biology as the nanoscale process. The cell is an outstanding model of a self-replicating nanomachine in which various biological processes like translation, transcription, replication and other biochemical pathways are grasping at the nanoscale. Our body has 100 million cells. A cell is 30-35 micrometer in diameter, with a nucleus of diameter 10 micrometers. In contrast, the width of DNA is just 2nm.

Nanobiotechnology (sometimes referred to as nanobiology) is best described as helping modern medicine progress from treating symptoms to generating cures and renewing biological tissues. Three American patients have received whole culture bladders with the help of doctors who use nanobiology techniques in their practice. Also, it has been proved in animal studies that a uterus can be grown outside the body and then placed in the body in order to produce a baby. Stem cell treatments have been used to hit diseases that originate in the human heart and are in clinical trials in the United States. There is also funding for research into allowing people to have new limbs without having to resort to the prosthesis. Artificial proteins may also become available to manufacture without the need for harsh chemicals and expensive machines. It has even been assumed that by the year 2055, computers may be made out of biochemical and organic salts

It has a huge scope in the upcoming generations. It is the third highest booming field when compared with IT and Internet. In India, Bangalore and Chennai are the manufacturing centers for IT and Medicine. The Indian government has already started Nanoscience and Nanotechnology initiatives and various funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology.

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