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"Gynecology and Obstetrics Summit" invites all the active experimenters and study participants over the earth,the 7.5 billion people which will be organized at Dubai,uae held on August 25th-26th-2017 as an obstetrician you will always be learning in Australia ,if you want to give birth in a private hospital,you need a private obstetrician the scientific gathering will vow the researchers , medicos , professors , specialists .these advances in knowledge will be mainly in pregnancy and labour ,medicos can get a sneak peak of recent trends in O&G .Patient safety now has a higher profile in obstetrics as reflected in journal articles of recent years.we have the best delegates ,bioleauges would surely love to share your excitement with.

Scope and Benefits

Obstetrics and gynecology is a discipline dedicated to the broad, integrated medical and surgical care of women's health throughout their lifespan. The combined discipline of obstetrics and gynecology requires extensive study and understanding of reproductive physiology, including the physiologic, social, cultural, environmental and genetic factors that influence disease in women. This study and understanding of the reproductive physiology of women gives obstetricians and gynecologists a unique perspective in addressing gender-specific health care issues.

Preventive counseling and health education are essential and integral parts of the practice of obstetricians and gynecologists as they advance the individual and community-based health of women of all ages Obstetricians and gynecologists may choose a scope of practice ranging from primary ambulatory health care to concentration in a focused area of specialization.

They also receive specialized education in the area of the female reproductive system and surgical care. Much of their education focuses detection and management of obstetrical on the and gynecological problems.

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