About Conference

BIOLEAGUES invites partakers across the world to take part in “ALIMENT TEK ‘17’’during November 9th10th ,2017 at Amsterdam in Netherlands. Food Processing Provides an immense stage for food engineering,Industrial rendering, Gastronomy, Quality assurance specialists,chemical engineering, microbiologists, virologists to share their ideology & experiences on food processing and technology.ALIMENT TEK’17 makes everyone to be aware of food processing fields. BIOLEAGUES provides a wonderful opportunity to share your innovative thoughts on trending technologies in food processing.

Knowledge of the structure and composition of foods, their chemical, sensory and nutritional properties ,as well as the types of microrganisms that are likely to be present in foods, is a necessary prerequisite to understanding how unit operations are used to preserve foods or alter their eating qualities.


Food processing provides an abundant employment opportunities, Food Processing also helps us to increase the quality of food production to affordable. Helpful for academia who are interested in research on new trends in food processing & Industrial people can meet high profits in less time. Food Processing enlightens you with unknown facts of advanced technologies in food processing and brings awareness among the citizens about nutritious, protein rich food. Netherland acquires second place in leading food processing and technology.

Food Processing Conference Details