Event starts on October 24, 2019 9:00 am


Bioleagues Worldwide offers an opportunity by inviting the global attendees for the “Annual meeting on Neuroscience and Neurology” with the theme “Advancement and clinical research on Neurology” which is scheduled on October 24th & 25th 2019 at Melbourne, Australia. This conference brings together the Professor, Associate professor, Director, Department head, Scientist, Researchers, industrials and students on the same platform to share their knowledge in the field of Neuroscience and Neurology which lines the future of the field.

Neuroscience deals with the scientific study of the Central nervous system mechanism and nervous systems such as structure, function, and physiology. Neurology which is a specialized area of medicine for neurological disorders and disease of the nervous system starts from diagnosis and treatment. Neurologist and Neuroscientist can utilize the platform for Keynote presentation, oral talk, poster presentation, and workshop. Neurology will help in diagnosis and treatment.

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