Good promotion is a necessary part of planning a large conference. With the sheer number of conferences being held each year, it is imperative to promote a conference in order to attract potential participants. People need to know about your conference to be able to attend and when you promote a conference, it ensures that those interested in your conference are exposed to it. Some of the most effective methods employed today, by conference organizers and planners to promote a conference, are explained in detail below.

Social Media Promotions

Promoting your conference using social media is an obvious answer, especially in the digital age. Social media allows you to easily communicate with people who would be interested in your conference. Even if your conference isn’t a large scale one and is only for the local population, social media can prove to be an invaluable tool. Twitter and Facebook allow you to share your updates when publishing. This will help you promote your conference locally.

In order to effectively promote your conference on social media, you need to optimize it for sharing. This means that you can easily share your ticket registration page and your event schedule. Your conference registration page should not be too complicated and should contain a good amount of information. Lengthy and complicated registration pages can have adverse effects on the sale of your tickets. If a potential participant falls on your registration, you want them to know exactly what the conference is about.

Use Hashtags

Although this is part of social media promotions, hashtags deserve separate and closer attention as they are quite powerful. Most conferences these days, make use of hashtags to promote a conference. This is another great tool you should use. Hashtags not only help promote your conference, but they also help participants to network and share even after the conference ends. Good conference hashtags are short and include the year of the conference.

Blog Promotions

Blogs are a great way to keep people informed about your conference. You should blog about your conference and the industry. If you are planning a conference on life sciences, it’s a good idea to share news about life sciences and create a blog about how you organize your conference. Blog about all aspects of your conference – speakers (their profiles and industry history/achievements), location (arena, tourist attractions, etc), subject matter, and more. This will eventually help in increasing participation in your event.

Take Advantage Of Event Sponsors

Most conference organizers know that allowing businesses to sponsor your event will give you a larger budget, but the promotional benefits of sponsorship are often overlooked. When a company or organization sponsors you, its success is tied to your success and it will do everything in its power to help promote your event. A lot of sponsors have their own marketing methodologies that they use to help promote your event. If one of your sponsors isn’t into it, they are likely to accept if you ask them, because, in reality, the bigger your event is, the more your sponsors will get promoted.

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