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Biotechnology is a technology based on biological science. It deals with the wide area of Science including living system and organisms to develop or mold products. Humankind has used biotechnology in agriculture, food products, and medicine. It often overlaps with the field of molecular biology, bio-engineering, biomedical engineering, bio-manufacturing, molecular engineering, etc. Running Behind 20th and early 21st centuries, biotechnology has expanded to include new and diverse science such as genomics, recombinant gene techniques, applied immunology, and development of pharmaceutical therapies, animal tissue culture, plant tissues culture, tissue engineering, stem cells and cell culturing etc.

The world Biotechnology summit is happening, it is in Washington, D.C on the 01st and the 02nd of December, 2018.The summit would bring people of different ages but with same interest together on a single platform . During this conference one can discuss the possible opportunities and ideas , collaborate and draft an action plan to achieve their target with the thoughtleaders .

This collaboration will include people from varied disciplines - the civil society , the researchers , the scientists , the technocrats , innovators , entrepreneurs and the policy makers . One can never go empty- handed from these conferences as they get nurtured with the newest possibilities to ideate on .

The platform provided is of greater importance for one as he gets to interact with the leaders of the branch he is interested in . The department heads would enlighten the participants on the current researches and scenarios taking place , the newest inventions - which would be useful for the students in their research and also the effective methodology one needs to implement to achieve their target

Bioleagues has continued its effort to bring research and clinical practice together to enable and exchange the innovative concepts from laboratory to bedside and vice versa. The goal of this Conference is to unite the international biotechnology community to take a fresh look at the key topics and challenges that our field faces. As practitioners, scholars, and citizens there is a need for us to work together to explore the possibilities and plan strategically, the collective growth of our science, its applications and practices. We hope to achieve advancements in many facets of this multidisciplinary field, from agriculture and bio-manufacturing, to ground breaking cancer treatments and medicines, to even information technology.

From 1980’s till the date, USA has invested heavily in biotechnology research and development, with the aim of becoming a leading nation in this field. It is important to understand the historical progress of this development in order to appreciate the current state of biotechology in USA. However, it is equally important to know what research is currently being planned and carried out, and by whom.

I request the delegates to accompany their families to experience the academic extravaganza as well as the serene beauty of Washington which is the capital city of USA.


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