3rd World Congress on Pharmaceutics and Drug Discovery

Innovative and challenging ideas on pharmaceutics and drug discovery

15th - 16th December 2017, Dubai

All the Abstracts will be allocated with an unique DOI Number approved by doidirectory.com and will be archive in researchpedia.org .For more details contact: +12027548501 or Mail: [email protected]

About Conference

This” 3rd World congress on Pharmaceutics and Drug Discovery” conference will help the participants to gain the knowledge and to know about the new updates in the fields of pharmaceutics.

The field of Pharmacy is growing day by day and its development is marking high impact in fields of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Sciences. And “WCPDD 17” creates a global platform to the international researchers from various areas of analytical research, separation sciences, and methods to develop.

This “WCPDD 17” will give the platform to show your capabilities and discoveries to the world. This event will help to exchange the new ideas and to solve their doubts and quires among the participants in the field of medicine, biotechnology and pharmacology.

This conference focuses on the importance to understand drugs, how drug can affect human, new technologies to discover the drugs and new methods of pharmacy practices etc.

The “WCPDD 17” encompasses both professional wizards and technical leaders who have explored all avenues to reinforce the field of Life science, Medical, and technology.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which in on the emirate's northern coastline. Pharmacy in the UAE is rapidly advancing. The pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy practice has been hold within the UAE Federal Law since early1980.

Although there are many drugs there is yet a shortage of drugs required for some diseases. So the industries expanded further in the past few years with the emergence of new companies such as Neopharma in Abu Dhabi, Globalpharma and Gulf Injects in Dubai, and Medpharma in Sharjah.